Schedule time to be creative

Start today, right now. Quit waiting for a big idea to drop in your lap. You are responsible for greasing your muse. According to the recently republished muse handbook, big ideas are not granted just because you want one. Worst yet need one!

So find time to be creative—burn the midnight oil, rise with the rooster, skip lunch, turn the TV off. You’ll discover how much time you really waste. Steal it back and be creative.

Before you know it, your brain (both sides) will be primed and ready to brighten the world with mongo-huge ideas. And you’ll be better for it.

My recommended, “must read/must do” section
• Juicing the Orange — a book by Pat Fallon & Fred Senn. They help you navigate the creative process for measurable results. Buy the book and check out their cool site

• Accidental Creative — a website, blog and podcast source. They teach creatives how to thrive in an organizational setting and organizations how to better lead their creative teams and structure for long-term effectiveness. Check them out at

Let me know what you think—good, bad or gibberish. Thanks



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