Mmmmm… ideas

As the gents from Guinness® would say, “BRILLIANT!” ideas are brewed, not created. So let’s belly up to the desk and learn how to pour a perfect idea.

What you need:

  • creative brief
  • one pint glass (empty)
  • a few Post-it® pads (any color or size will do)
  • favorite writing tool
  • 1/2 hour

The goal is simple. Fill the pint glass with ideas. So scribble, sketch and jot one idea per Post-it. Fold it up. Toss it in the glass. When the glass is full. Push it aside and go grab a frothy Guinness from down the street. Some time the next day, your mind will be clear enough to go through the ideas (a great hangover project). Pour all the ideas out on the desk and review each like you’re checking for ticks. Trash-can the bad ones. Star and pinup the good ones. NOTE: if the trash fills up before the wall, you’re on the right track.

If you’re lucky, one of those starred gems can be crafted into a brilliant idea. If not, enjoy another Guinness and start over.


P.S. Practice your Guinness pour. Cheers!


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