Be great in ’08

That’s your goal, right? It should be. It’s mine. But a goal is nothing without “action” steps for achieving that goal. The same process applies to thinking up those big ideas. Get in the habit of setting a goal (check your creative brief), then organize your stuff (assets, research, inspirations, samples, unused brilliant ideas, music, etc.). And don’t wait for that mysterious eureka moment. Go out and buy eureka a drink or two.

My point? Too many people think ideas just poof into existence. Ever sat in on a corporate brainstorm session? You have to drive your brain to its happy place, give him 100 bucks and tell him to be home before the streetlights come on. Soon your head will fill with images, words, etc. that need jotting down. But scribble fast because since your brain is on vacation, you can’t think about every little thing. Just capture it and move on. When the streetlights glow, that’s the time to rummage through your pile.

Check to make sure they’re in sync with your goal. If they don’t, they won’t work no matter how brilliant. Of course, save them for later. Now take your infant-stage ideas and polish them up. If you’re lucky, you’ll have one or two solid ideas. Then work them into a campaign. Go crazy!




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