My better is better

All big, game-changing ideas have one thing in common. Emotion. You have to punch your customer in the gut with some benefit that sparks an emotional reaction. Nike does this better than everyone. Period. The adrenalin rush you get after their commercials gives average folks hope. The same hope underdogs have against giants — a tiny “what if” motivating you to be better than the other guy… be it sports, business or lawn work.

Your job is to find the emotion in your creative work… on two levels. First, get yourself amp’d up about the project. Get in your zone. Fresh music drives me. Do what works for you. Second, use ideas that expose the nooks & crannies that make us human. For example, watch this Nike commercial. How do you feel?

Here’s my man Saul Williams giving Nike their inspiration. Guess what? This song tops my workout playlist.


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