Have a sec?

In the last year or so, “blink” or “micro” radio spots have caught my attention. These 1 or 2 second ads are squeezed in between songs, promos and regular :30 second commercials. They catch you off guard because they’re so quick and you’re left wondering, “What the heck was that?” After hearing a handful, I recognized the genius behind the idea.

Think about it. How much can you say in a second? Not much. So every word has to bring lots to the party. But you can’t just think about coming up with clever one liners. No, no, no. You’re telling a brand story in tiny snippets. People only have to remember 1 second of information, not 30 seconds worth. Then if you give them 60, well-tailored blinks, I guarantee they’ll get more bang for their buck. Plus the buzz around the ads will be incredible.


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