Napkin Genius

Napkin Notebook

Big ideas come and go in flashes. Often when you’re not ready. Enter the napkin. The napkin is a beautiful canvas for big ideas. The limited space forces you to only express the meat of an idea. Plus there’s just something inspiring about looking at the white square filled with squiggles, doodles and powerful jabberwocky.

Napkin Notebook celebrates big-idea thinkers and invites you to shake things up. Ironically, their big idea is selling napkin notebooks. Genius! Buy one and go into your next widget meeting. Everyone will be blown away with your handy-dandy napkin notebook. Then start using napkins for all your creative sessions. I recommend making your own, maybe mix in a few from your favorite bars and eateries. And carry it around everywhere. You never know when that big idea will strike you!


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