You are here… see where mind mapping takes you



image by — William Andrew
image by — William Andrew

Mind mapping is all the buzz it seems. For good reason. It’s a beautiful (literally) way of collecting thoughts, ideas and solutions. There’s no right or wrong way to do it either, as some will have you believe. Fancy apps can keep things organized and legible on your laptop. But I like the more organic pages of scribbles, misspellings and the random fury of arrows connecting it all together in a notebook. That’s just the way I roll. Do what works for you.

Wanna try it? Alright, well start by writing down a word or phrase related to something that needs a creative solution. It doesn’t have to be just for work. Redecorating the living room? This will help. Ok, now just stare at what you wrote for a bit. Take a deep breath and go to town writing, sketching, whatever. Don’t stop for at least 10 minutes. I mean it. After ten minutes your page will be filled with lots and lots of great stuff — it might not all make sense yet. It will. Go for a walk or collapse on the couch. You’ve earn it.

Time for the fun part — evaluating your chaos. I’ll let you figure out what happens next. Enjoy!




Speak your mind

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