Engagement advertising

First, let me vent for a second. With all the ‘social’ networking whohaa out there, what happened to actual social interaction between people? Everything is email, text, stupid cellphone pix and virtual offices where everything is passed through the cloud. Would it kill people to meet face-to-face and have a beer? Eeeghh, whatever.

The Social Media Advertising Council (SMAC) is creating some standards for advertising in this fruitful new world. Hmmm…I suppose an advertiser needs to know what the ROI will be for X Y & Z. But I can’t help wonder if this will lead to more vanilla creative and weak advertising.

For me, the message is way more important than the space it’s in or the number of people clicking on it. If something catches my attention, I don’t click on it. I do my own digging and go out of my way to find more information. As much as SMAC wants the social media to harvest measurable results from interaction, the environment, just like every other medium, is still passive.

Ad agencies team up on social-media standards | The Social – CNET News.




2 thoughts on “Engagement advertising

  1. Yes aren’t ‘social’ networks wonderful creatures. How did a ‘poke’ become an acceptable form of interaction. Could you do any less to sustain a relationship?

    Back to the point, I’ve read a bit lately about people “viewing through” as opposed to “clicking though”. Doesn’t do much for your metrics does it!

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