Microsites aren’t so tiny

Microsites are popping up everywhere. It’s no wonder. If backed by some brilliant creative, a microsite will deepen your brand relationship with customers. A true microsite is multilayered, has depth and is a huge doorway for search engines, e-marketing campaigns and a finely tuned targeting vehicle for selling products and services.

Better yet, with the rapid success of the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms from Apple, big brands are introducing their own Apps. Specific little marketing tools that engage customer better than ever before. Just check out Target’s Holiday Gift Globe App:


How it works:
1. Shake your iPhone to reveal gift ideas.
2. Save your favorites.
3. Find them at a Target Store near you OR Buy them at Target.com.
4. Check off each gift as you shop.

As fun as it is useful. I’d like to suggest this sort of venture for my friends over at Lands’ End. Do it before Eddie Bauer and LL Bean beat ya to it. Especially if you want to attract a younger audience. I’m just saying 😉


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