Be greater than yourself


It’s easy to do something for yourself. You only have to WOW one person. But when you’re out there twisting your melon for big ideas on someone else’s watch, it’s nice to have a carrot to chase. For copywriters and art directors, the carrots are awards. Big-honking gloat-inducing symbols of creative achievement. And once you have one or two or a hundred, these decorative paperweights and stable bookends make you feel like you did something great. Something worthwhile. Something meaningful.

What if you were asked to part with one of them… forever, never to be shined or dusted again? That’s what Fallon asked from their staff and alumni in a very cool tribute to 30 years of creative excellence as they moved into a new building. Watch what Fallon did. 

What a cool way to remind people that what we do as creatives is bigger than ourselves.




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