Macworld ’09: Apple still has it!

iLife '09

Sans Steve Jobs and what will be Apple’s last hurrah at Macworld, every tech junkie, Apple jack and media outlet can barely contain themselves as they descend on San Fran. What must-have will Apple launch? iLife ’09 for starters. If you thought iLife couldn’t get any better, you have no imagination. Better “social” tools in iPhoto. More hollywood tricks in iMovie. And watch out Mozart ’cause GarageBand is teaching me skills!

The big news, but not completely surprising, is the new 17″ MacBook Pro (unibody construction). So instead of going tiny like a netbook, which is all the rage, Apple goes supersize! The industry zigs, Apple zags. You gotta love’em for that. Then when others are galloping towards big again, Apple will introduce the Mac Mini Pro Touch… use your imagination people, come on. Think touchscreen Mac Mini for your lap! Cool, huh?


Oh, wait. There is one last thing to share from Apple via iTunes— 3 tier pricing for songs ($0.69, $0.99 & $1.29), DRM-free songs(the whole music catalog…YAY!) and 3G song downloads from your shiny new iPhone.

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