Hack your life


It’s a new year. Time to plan how you will improve, change and tweak your life for the better. Whatever you’re setting out to do, stop! At least until you get to the root of why you feel you need to reset your life anyways.

Wanna lose a few extra pounds? Figure out how you got those bonus lbs. How about getting organized? This one has everyone under its thumb. Often people avoid making decisions about stuff. So it piles up, gets tucked away, etc. Don’t be afraid to trash can things. 80% of what we collect from year to year adds very little value to our lives. Look around you, what can be tossed, given away or sold?

How is this related to advertising and being creative? I’ve collected a ton of trade pubs, photo books and general industry stuff. I always think I need them just in case. I will admit ideas, especially BIG ideas, need to stem from somewhere. But it won’t happen from a Dec. 1995 Adweek. It just won’t.

Get your dose of useful life hacks at Stepcase Lifehack. For those who need tech hack, try Lifehacker.



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