Zero-fail attitude fails

snap your nogging

In the on-demand creative world, we put lots of pressure on ourselves to perform at a higher level. Who hasn’t tried to out think the other guy? Who doesn’t stretch for the brass ring of big ideas? Self-induced pressure is good. It makes us uncomfortable. Comfort is only good for vanilla ideas. But what if you’re faced with a “zero-fail” project? You know, the sudden death project where your future, the agency’s future needs you to make a 90ft putt, down slope, in the rain with a shovel… and you have to pee.

First, go to bathroom…. ahhhh. Second, change your attitude. Are you playing to win or not to lose? Think about the project this way. Assume you already failed… failed like no one has ever failed before. To make it a bit more realistic, quit. Yup! Simply slam the book on this chapter of your career, tell your boss to kiss off and walk out. You don’t need this crap. Whooooaa… Now you have to play to win, right?

Ok, don’t actually quit. My point is that what we do is NOT about living or dying. So what’s the worst that could happen, get fired? It’s not all that different from quitting. So lighten up and free your mind to be creative, not worried.



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