Don’t sideline side projects

This blog was/is a side project. A creative outlet for me to work on and get excited about. But it’s easy to let it slide because it doesn’t have deadlines, a screaming CD or customers demanding content. I’m sure you have a pile of ideas or personal projects you never seem to have time for, right? Great ideas are only as great as the effort behind executing those ideas. Why aren’t you penciling in time to work on these things? Is your creative muse telling you something?

David Allen was on to something when he talked about closing the loops in our lives. In a way, our sidelined creative efforts are open loops. And they’re keeping us from giving our “real” projects our full creative attention. Close some loops, think bigger, get promoted, more side projects, close more loops, take over the world!

Here are two resources to help you get over the hump: Makin’ ads blog and Todd Henry (accidental creative). They offer some very smart  ways to close some loops and feel creatively satisfied.


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