Art of networking: be social


Be social. Not in a personal, face-to-face, physical sense (though you should have a grasp of social etiquette when you actually socialize outside your digital cocoon. But that’s for another post). No, the world has changed. You have to be banging it out nonstop on Twitter, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook and all the other social connectors out there. You’re building a brand. And brands are consistent, persistent and potent. So what’s your brand?

Tip #1 — gameplan

What do you want to accomplish? How will you know you did it? What are you willing to sacrifice? Now you have some direction. It feels good, right?

Tip #2 — go forth and prosper

What are you waiting for? Join every professional association, group and cult you can afford. Set up an LinkedIn account. Go wild on Facebook (figure of speech, people.) Tweet tweet like Robin and all the little birds on J-bird street via Twitter. Skype, Digg and Hi5 until you have the perfect set of connections.

Tip #3 — shaken not stired

It’s not a frat party folks. Your minute-30 keg stand, while impressive, isn’t what you should be braggin’ about chief. You gotta be Bond… James Bond cool. Only say what you need to say to get the girl… errr… save the world… errr… make a connection.

Let me know if this helps.



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