Got glue?


I’m working on a few spec  ads for Elmer’s School Glue. As I was shaking my noggin for ideas, I kept remembering all the fun I had using glue. Who hasn’t made something wicked cool with elbow macaroni and popsicle sticks? How about fake skin? 

Anyways, I have buckets of ideas to keep me busy. But if you care to share some interesting insight, let me know. Leave a comment here, shoot me a tweet on twitter: @chadschomber, or email me at




One thought on “Got glue?

  1. When I was a kid we used these little white plastic bowls ( to hold the water used when painting with watercolors.

    Don’t know how I discovered it, but I basically filled one of those dishes with Elmer’s glue and let it dry. It popped right out of the plastic water dish and I ended up with a clear “hockey puck.” After that first revelation I started embedding objects in the glue before it dried: crayon shavings, little green army guys, etc.

    I’ll be curious to know if anyone else did this…!

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