Expect the unexpected


Social media is buzzing loud and spreading fast. It’s easy to shrug it off and go on with your life. But you’d be missing out on all the fun.

I was commenting on Sue Spaight’s blog today when I likened social media to Plunko on The Price is Right. Except the name of the game is Plinko, not Plunko. That innocent mistake led me to Uglydolls after I Googled Plunko (the dude shown above). And now I want to buy every Uglydoll for my office. So in a very real way, without social media participation, I would’ve never discovered Uglydoll or my new buddy Plunko!

So participate on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. and see where it takes you.


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4 thoughts on “Expect the unexpected

  1. hey Chad,

    Read your blog all the time, subscribe to it on my Google desktop widget. Trying to follow you on Twitter but when I click follow it says that i am blocked at the request of the user.

    I’m not a spammer. Just a Tampa Ad Exec getting connected.

    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for reading my blog (sorry it’s been sporadic lately). Not sure why Twitter is blocking you…hmmm? But I’m following you now. 🙂

  3. I still love the Plinko metaphor and @Teecycle_Tim from @MarquetteU said he likes it too. Thanks for the entertainment this week and for the mention on your blog. I like your style. I also like your blog design. Want a short-term, low paying gig making my blog design not suck? How can you pass up a juicy offer like that?

  4. Thanks Sue and @teecycle from @MarquetteU! I always wanted to play Plinko (you gotta start on the left, not center to win the big bucks!). As far as the blog design, I’d like to take credit, but it’s a stock theme from WordPress. I only “arranged” & “customized” a few things.

    Sure, I’d love to help you with your blog. I’ll have my people contact your people 🙂

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