Move that bus

It’s easy to start a creative project—professional or personal. The freshness of working on something new makes us feel invincible. So why is it so hard to finish with the same intensity?

The longer a project drags on, the harder it is to stay focused and energized. Let me illustrate, metaphorically.

Imagine you’re on top of a mountain (pick your favorite). This is your starting point. As you view out, you see another mountain top. This is your finish line. It doesn’t look far, does it? Ah, but the only way to get over there is down your mountain, across the wicked valley and up the other mountain. (Bridges are for hacks.)

It’s fast going down that mountain, right? Enjoy the ride because it doesn’t last long. From the bottom, the finish line now looks forever away and there’s a bus in your way. Oh, and it’s all up hill from here (haha). Seriously, the climb up is exhausting. But damn it, you’ve come so far. Grab your EpiPen and jab it into your heart. You’re not gonna just finish. You’re gonna conquer this mother. And ram the victory flag down her throat and do a Irish jig. Or tap dance. Whatever.

Did I lose anyone? Ok. My point is… you have to, even if there’s a bus in your way, finish strong not just finish. 



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One thought on “Move that bus

  1. Wow…this post was my EpiPen. Thanks for the inspiration. Your analogy nailed it!

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