Super-short stories

Here’s the start of super silly, super-short stories— written in a 140 characters or less.

Follow me on Twitter to participate. I will ask for random words from my followers. If you’re fast enough, I’ll use your word(s) in my next super-short story. Sound fun? Here are the first two super-short stories. Enjoy.

July 6, 2009

# 1 With their BRAINS working as 1, the LAUNDRY ZOMBIES strolled to the BEACH to feast on lifeguard SOUPEAT they will. And in a BLINK, burp!

#2 “OOF” echoed thru the rafters as #9, LOVE, bulldozed Oscar into the boards. His HOCKEY HAIR clung to the glass. JOY was heard. PEACE ended.

Check  back often to read more super-short stories here.


One thought on “Super-short stories

  1. I love this! I used to do this with the kids on road trips. We took the words off signs and billboards to make stories!!! You are fun

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