Where’s the perfect workspace for a freelance writer?

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Freelance writers can work from anywhere they want. All you really need is a notebook and a pen/pencil. But I have horrible penmanship and for some reason that blocks my creative flow. (Weird, I know.) So if you’re like me, you pack up the laptop and go. But where?

I live in a rural area. Every “cool” place is at least a 10-minute jaunt. But not knowing exactly where I will work each day is exciting. Nothing beats discovering a tucked away place to set up shop. Of course, there are a couple of requirements for a productive outing. I only need accessible electrical outlets (my poor laptop is on life support), comfy seating and free WiFi. You might be a high-maintenance writer. So your must-haves will differ. That’s OK. Hemingway needed his Mojitos. All I’m saying is take a few minutes to evaluate how you work best and plan around that.

OK, let’s get this out of the way. The cliché workspace for freelancers is a coffeehouse/coffee shop/café. But if you’re a people watcher, kiss getting anything done goodbye. Yes, I admit, I loiter at a certain joe joint now and again. There are good vibes there. But mix it up. If it becomes a hangout, it’s not a workspace. I’m just saying.

For the more daring, hotel lobbies present a rewarding atmosphere. Especially the ones that offer free breakfast. Obviously, you can’t visit everyday, but the exhilaration of not being a guest is worth a trip. Heck, go all out and bring your swim gear.

But for me, the perfect work location is… wait for it… my local library. Actually, I have two libraries to pick from each day. The same may hold true for you.

Here are 10 reasons why a library is the perfect freelancer office:

10. Good vibes-people, books, etc.

9. A gazillion words at your fingertips.

8. A great reference section. Enough said.

7. Magazines of every sort to inspire you.

6. Music CDs to listen to as you work (headphones required).

5. DVDs to watch when you just don’t have any ideas.

4. Comfy chairs and sturdy tables. Enough said.

3. People smarter than you work there. Ask questions, you get answers.

2. No foo-foo coffee-ordering cadence to break your rhythm.

1. It’s all free! Well, your taxes pay for it. So use it.

I’d love to hear about your favorite places to work.


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