5 Tips for hiring a freelance copywriter

by Kimmy Chau | flicker
by Kimmy Chau | flicker

Actually, these are 5 tips for hiring this freelance copywriter. But you can use this information as a guide for hiring other freelancers.

So let’s just jump right into it.

5. Q&A

Ask lots of questions. You’re trying to gauge my credibility. That’s a given. But you’re also trying to get a sense of my personality, character, etc.. Yes, you want someone who can get the work done. But you also need a go-to person down the road, right? So ask lots of questions. I will do the same. Don’t be surprised if I talk/ask about Unique Selling Proposition or USP.

4. Rate the rates

Sure, every freelancer has an hourly rate. Probably a rate range. But more times than not, I offer straight project rates. Why? Because I suck at estimating how long a project is going to take. Most people suck at estimating their hours. And that could cost you big bucks. Here’s a secret. It takes 2 hours of work for 1 billable hour. Sometimes it’s 3-to-1. That’s because quality doesn’t magically happen. There are things I need to do to do what I do. And you shouldn’t have to pay for that.

3. Setting a schedule

Knowing when you need a completed piece is so very important. And ASAP is not a day on the calendar. Work with me to set a completion date and some milestones. Be realistic. See tip #4. Depending on how much information, samples, etc. you hand over, I need time to collect my thoughts about how/where to start.

2. Be open to advice

Your copywriter should be more than a worker bee, punching out widgets. I often provide creative advice/direction/whatnot throughout the process. It’s just the way I roll. But it benefits you, too. If you hire me to write and another designer/art director to execute, we all need to be on the same page. Some one needs to take the lead, creatively speaking. Might as well be me.

1. The power of one

Once you find a copywriter you like—quality work, great person, affordable rates— stick with that person. A brand needs a voice. A consistent voice. The more I work with you, the more I understand your brand. And the better I can deliver effective messages to your customers. It’s that simple.

Happy hiring…



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