Be specific when setting goals

Jorg Greuel | Getty Images
Jorg Greuel | Getty Images

We all have goals. But often our goals aren’t specific enough to be worth achieving. This so true when it comes to our careers. For example, my goal is to be a creative director (CD). That’s a pretty specific goal, right? Nope. Not even close. Here’s why.

A CD on the agency or client side? A CD in what city/state? A CD by when? And so on.

“Become a Creative Director” is pickle-label career goal. The problem is I can’t set any action steps with such a vanilla goal. How do I achieve it without knowing where I’m going? It’s like planning a vacation. You don’t just say, “I’m going on vacation” and just go, do ya? No. You pick a place, figure out where to stay and how you’re gonna get there, right? Well, gosh darn it, why haven’t I treated my career with the same detail?

New goal: Become a CD for ad agency in Madison, WI before I die. Ok, before I turn 40. Better make that 41.

Now what? Well, hang with CDs of course. Let them mentor me. Have them poke holes in my work. Buy them beers. Get to know how they approach a problem. And watch them succeed.

If you’re a CD or know of any CDs willing to take on a bag of hurt like me, let me know.


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