Got a machine head?

[repost from Oct. 2008]

Sometimes we get so busy, we just go through the motions — like a machine. Before long, getting by becomes the norm. The result is vanilla creative (good but lacks excitement). Being busy cannot be your excuse. It’s just an easy answer. If you have a passion for creating, then you’ll never be too busy. Passion takes sacrifice. Stay late. Get up early. Reschedule lunch plans. And ditching a million other whoop-dee-doo’s that add little value to your creative projects. You want to be remembered by your body of work, right? Then decide today to be better than vanilla.

Here’s a challenge to jumpstart your creative power-pack again. Your company is asked to sell an oversupply of 1 million ball bearings. Your task is to think up alternative uses for the ball bearings. I’d love to see your ideas. So email me.



One thought on “Got a machine head?

  1. I’ve no ideas for ya so i guess i’m some crappy flavor like broccoli.. 😉

    Passion does take sacrifice. I’m learning that quickly!!! I’ve always written, but only became serious about it this year and only became Really serious about it just this month. Had NO clue how much time and energy it would take…. It’s worth it, but dang..

    I like what ya have to say!

    Oh, and I already follow you on Twitter =)


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