Is Steve Jobs Mayan?

Maybe Apple was just inspired by the Mayan culture. See any similarities?

Interesting, huh?

Here’s another thing to keep you thinking. Let’s consider Apple’s logo—an apple with a bite out of it. Now dust off your bible and flip to Genesis 3. While the text isn’t specific on what type of fruit Eve ate, it’s widely depicted as an apple. Dunn dunn dun. What’s that have to do with the Mayans. I’m not sure. But they believe the world will end in 2012. If you’re a christian, you may have heard some rumblings about the end times—anti-christ, one world government, etc. Check out Rapture Ready to get caught up.

All I’m saying is that Apple could help usher in the end of the world. I mean, if you have an iPhone (and I do), they know where you are 24/7. Apple has created a global system of communication where banking, medical info, face recognition and thousands of other cool things can be done with an iPhone. But what if all that cool stuff was used for bad things? It’s a scary question. It’s getting harder and harder to unplugged from the world. And that’s exactly what the anti-christ and satan want. Dunn dunn dun.



2 thoughts on “Is Steve Jobs Mayan?

  1. …sure…
    Maybe you should read a book instead of watching copy/paste youtube clips. The Mayans, as well as the Hopi and other north american cultures, have NEVER said or written the world would end. They speak of an ‘end of time’. Meaning the end of a 26.000 year cycle. Or the great Baktun. The apocalypse stories all over YouTube is a present from the spanish clergy who destroyed almost the entire mayan literature. In their attempt to do some ‘damage control’ they rewrote several mayan books. And as you probably have guessed they linked the date 2012 to their biblical armageddon.
    The only thing that will probably destroy the world is human kind itself. Or rather we don’t destroy the world, we will destroy ourselves.
    Perhaps with some help from Steve or Bill 🙂

    I wonder what the world would be if the Mayans had iphones…



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