Monsoon debuts new video convergence hub at CES | iPodNN

Introducing Volcano, an all-in-one home video convergence device. Think TiVo, Slingbox/HAVA, and Roku internet video all-in-one. Plus it supports video streaming and recording to smartphones. Using 3G or Wi-Fi connections, owners can schedule and record TV channels remotely from their mobile phone to the system’s hard drive, which can be simultaneously viewed on the smartphone or transferred and stored for later use.

Additional features include support for web browsing and the ability to watch YouTube videos or other supported online media services, such as CinemaNow. Locallly, it can handle up to 802.11n Wi-Fi.

Beginner model is priced at $200 with 4GB of flash memory. The Pro model offers a 250GB hard drive and is priced at $300. Available in March.

If TVs could just connect directly to the internet, we wouldn’t all this hardware/storage/etc. Is someone on this or what?

Posted via web from chad schomber


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