Is the iPad the next big thing?

Ok. I have to ask.

Will the Apple iPad replace a laptop/MacBook/Netbook/etc.?

It depends on what and how you use your laptop. If you simple use it for email/internet/social media on the go, then yes. However, if you create (music, design, write), then no.

I believe the iPad is designed to be the center of your digital life. Just like the iPhone isn’t geared for business (though it can be used that way), the iPad won’t replace the corporate globetrotter’s trusted laptop.

What do you want the iPad to do?

I want it be my portable TV. And not just clips and stale reruns. Live TV — all channels, all the time. With DVR features.

What else do I want the iPad to do?

• Read/watch magazines — in Netflix fashion.

• Skype.

• Read books? Maybe if I can rent really cheap. Otherwise, I’ll stick to buying the physical books. Better yet, get them from my local library.

• Be an iMac accessory. Like a giant flat mouse/graphics tablet (Wacom eat your heart out).

• WiFi anywhere/everywhere/all the time — built in. None of these USB modem-mifi-thingys.

• GPS/augmented reality map that flirts, I mean talks to me when I’m driving. Make suggestions like, “Are you hungry, Chad. There’s an Arby’s up the road. Want me to place an order?” “That sound delicious, Gwen.” What? Gwen would be her name. And for an extra few dollars, I can create a 3D version of Gwen. Think Weird Science

• Start my car. It’s cold in Wisconsin from Oct – March.

• Cook bacon. C’mon, you know you were thinking it too.

And it would be great if it was free. Ok, I’d pay Steve Jobs’ salary for it.

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