2009 was not my year. – CNN iReport



For 2010, I wanted a new me. I set out to shed a few lbs. But there was a catch. I wanted to be creative and have a goal within a goal. My plan?

No shaving my face until I lose 10 pounds.

Since my wife doesn’t think I look “HOT” in a beard, that was my motivation. She would be my accountability partner. So my quest began.

On my mark…
Every morning I weighed myself. And every day I counted the calories I took in ā€” between 1300-1500. Plus I tried to burn off an extra 100-200 calories. As you can see, I only made minor adjustments to my lifestyle. The biggest change was dinner time. For this meal, I ate mostly cereal ā€” fewer calories, tasty and easy to make.

As far as exercise, I did the bare minimum. I took a few extra walks around the office, borrowed my wife’s Wii Fit and did a push-up or two every so often.

30 days later.
I need new razors. I had my moments of failure, but I reached my goal. Better yet, I’ve changed. I make better decisions about the food I eat. But I’m not done. According, to my Wii Fit trainer, I have another 15 pounds to lose before I’m safely in my recommended weight range. That’s okay. If I just try a little harder, these 15 should be a piece of cake. I mean, a breeze.

Wish me luck.

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