Vizio Internet Apps. Can Apple TV compete?

This is gonna get interesting — the whole Internet on your TV? Ok, not quite but enough to make buying a Vizio TV a priority. Sure you can connect AppleTV or your laptop/computer  use it like a giant monitor. But Vizio made it easy.

Since I’m an Apple fanboy, let me predict Apple’s next move. It’s been rumored that Apple will produce their own TV sets. Which isn’t that unrealistic. They do offer a 27” iMac and have produced 30” Cinema displays. So why not a 52” HD iMac TV?


One step further.

Now imagine having all the apps from Apple’s App Store available on this giant iMac TV — games, video, music and on and on and on. I suppose you could connect cable to it, but why? I mean, check email, tweet and facebook all while you watch Simpsons episodes or Charlie biting his brother’s finger on YouTube.

Another step further.

Enter the new iPad. This bad boy will function as your multi-touch remote and game controller. *gasp* It could even function similar to Slingbox.

The big leap.

Apple has filed for a patent that would put ads right inside the OS. They could display advertising on almost anything that has a screen of some kind: computers, phones, televisions, media players, game devices and other consumer electronics. Add that to Apple’s purchase of Quattro Wireless, it makes sense Apple is looking to revolutionize all media — FREE FREE FREE content.

So who wants a 52” HD iMac TV?

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