Next big thing in e-books: augmented reality

I had an idea last night — write a book. Actually, a series of short stories. More to the point, the same story told by 5 people witnessing the same big event.
It won’t be the regular sit down and read kind of book. Oh no. You’ll have to participate. There will be puzzles and riddles, plus you’ll have to jump online to get clues and more details about the characters. And of course social media will be at the center of this whole thing. Think of it as experiencing the book in a sort of augmented reality.
I was inspired by the potential of Apple’s iPad. With all the talk about digital magazines and having video clips inside news articles, I thought this is gonna change how people experience books, too. I want to pioneer this new form of writing — part writer, part director, part social media guru and a dash of Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey, Jr. style).
Over the next couple weeks, I will be developing the story’s big event and working backwards. Feel free to make suggestions. If I like your stuff, I will be in contact with you. I really want to make this a collaborative project. Wish me luck.

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