Secret Crypto Wonder Badge

It’s no secret I’m a big Apple/Mac/iPhone/iPad fan. So in order to keep up with all the news and rumors, I depend on one podcast to boil it all down for me — Mac OSKen

Ken doesn’t get all geeky techy with his spiel. Instead, he attacks Apple news with humor, wit and sarcasm. Kind of sounds like me, doesn’t he? Check him out on iTunes.

Wait. There’s more. Ken and his buddies created a very cool app for your iPhone (I assume for the iPad as well) called Secret Crypto Wonder Badge. Yes, now you can send and receive encoded messages. Beyond the initial novelty of it, I think there’s a bigger opportunity for such an app. So go ahead and spend a buck getting this nifty app.

Last year, I wrote a post about creating/using a Twitter Code. I was just messing around. But now that people are tracking your online social activity, wouldn’t it be neato to send a tweet about your boss/coworker/followers/friends in code and only the cool folks could decipher? I think Ken and his friends at DreamScape Visionary are onto something. What do you think?

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