Fun way to use Stickybits Barcodes

The company I work for is moving into a new building. YAY! But I have to pack up my own cube. BOOO! Not being one to miss an opportunity to try something new (especially tech related), I’m going to make this experience FUN! How you say? With Stickybits.

Mission: Box Trot
As I bubble wrap my cubicle goodies, I will create a Stickybits barcode for each box where said goodies will live during transportation. The Stickybits will allow me to inventory what’s in each box. This way I won’t have to fumble through 3-5 boxes looking for my prized Ticonderoga® #2 pencils. Or my buddy Plunko.

Ok, I know it’s overkill for just a few boxes. But the way I see it, it’s practice for a larger move — say into a new house. Plus I’m into this geeky kind of stuff.

Maybe I’ll post the barcode for you to scan and peek in to my office life. Maybe. 🙂




3 thoughts on “Fun way to use Stickybits Barcodes

  1. Is that what your pencils are, Ticonderoga? Do you know that I wrote something with one of your pencils and was blown away by the perfect point and smooth writing? (I’m geeky that way too, and I’m still looking for the pencil sharpener that will give you that long, sleek tip – just like your pencil had.) Ahem.

    Forwarded the Stickybits stuff to my colleagues. Seems like a cool thing to look into (even for this totally non-cool place which is Luxembourg).

    Wind in the hair! Lead in the pencil!

    Happy moving!


  2. Ticonderoga—The world’s best pencils. And the only ones worth using. The trick for a long, sleek tip is patience and a gentle, unhurried touch. Ahem.

    Yes, watch for my Stickbits updates.

    Take care…

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