Open your lazy eye

[Repost from May 2008]

Ideas must be fresh, exciting and unexpected. That’s no surprise. But what is surprising is how often we forget to keep ourselves fresh, excited and able to churn out unexpected ideas. We get so busy doing what we do, we never step back and look at the big picture — the big honking WHY.

Who we work for, who we work with and the projects we work on need to push us forward. Encourage us to look in different directions. Try new things. Try old things again. When we stop growing, the creative never gets better. In fact, the creative will get blah, boring and sloppy — especially if you’re a writer.

What to do? Good question. Hard answer. My advice is to reinvent yourself often (a bold new hair style, talk with an accent, wear an eye patch or grow a beard). I once sat on the opposite side of my desk for a month. Just try it. Stopper-bys won’t know what to do. But whatever you do, the point is to change your perspective on life, yourself and the people you interactive with daily. You’ll be amazed how much more fun your creative work will become. Trust me.



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