Agency Tour 2011

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Do you remember when you first met your best friend? Not the one from college. The one from way way back. Now think for a moment. Why are you still best friends? What is it about your friendship that makes it outshine all others?

Do you have that same dynamic with the people you work with/for? Why not? You should. One third of your time (give or take a few weeks) is spent with them.

Agency Tour 2011
With that in mind, I’m kicking off my Agency Tour. The plan is to visit and hang out with the people who make your agency tic. I want to get a sense of your culture. Be inspired by your workspace. And learn why your agency is successful. Then I will tweet and blog about my experience. Who knows, maybe we’ll become best friends.

Want to be on the tour?
Great. Just follow me on Twitter: @chadschomber and send me a tweet with #agencytour in it. It’s that simple. We’ll work out the details later.

Can’t be bothered with a copywriter hanging around? That’s fine. We probably wouldn’t get along anyway.


2 thoughts on “Agency Tour 2011

  1. yay Chad, come hang out with us! IP Luxembourg, part of RTL Group & Bertelsmann. Let me go check the details 🙂

    Alternatively, I’ll hang out with you in June in Madison, Write by the Lake (or right next to it).

    Details to follow. But hey, I think your Agency Tour is a kickass idea. (I’ve just finished reading How To Become A Famous Writer Before You’re Dead by Ariel Gore – creating your own tour is in that book, too. Hot stuff!

    Will see on Twitter how it goes.

    Cecile (off to see old friends in Amsterdam this weekend 🙂

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