#tigerblood Kool-aid

When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. When you have a message, you think everyone wants to hear/read/watch it. Wrong. Nothing reveals this truth more honestly than Twitter.

I’ve been known to spend seconds, even minutes crafting my tweets, fully expecting a flood of retweets, comments and praise with each one. My tweets are the profound statements, juicy revelations and insightful jabberwocky that my followers want, right?

Don’t drink the #tigerblood Kool-aid people. Twitter is great but it’s not the alpha or the omega of #winning. Keep the following in mind to make your tweeting adventures fun: 98% common sense, 2% awesome. If you try to flip the script (98% awesome, 2% common sense), you’re setting yourself up for digital disappointment. Trust me, nothing hurts worse than toiling over the perfect tweet only to watch it never get noticed.

I think Saint Augustine put it best: It is better to not have tweeted than to have tweets no ones loves. I may be paraphrasing.



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