Idea madness

With all the hoopla surrounding March Madness, it got me thinking. What if we seeded our 64 (68 if you want some play-in ideas) best ideas and put them into a bracket?

To solve a creative problem, it takes a lot of ideas. But deciding which one is the best is difficult. Enter the bracketology of ideas. By filling out your bracket, you change the way you think about the ideas. So instead of comparing an idea against the rest and slogging through the process, let your ideas go head-to-head — round by round.

With each match up, think about the pros/cons of each idea. Take your time. Remember, you’re solving a problem. The better idea moves on. Continue this process until you have a champion.

If you’re in a highly collaborative environment, put that whiteboard to good use. Defend or destroy ideas in teams by presenting how/why an idea works or doesn’t.

Sounds fun, right? Let me know what you think. And if you need a ref, I’d love to help.

Good luck!


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