Close encounter of the QR kind

Friends still give me an empty stare when I talk about QR codes. While QR codes have been around awhile, they’re not raging in the public consciousness yet. Why? Because marketers haven’t given us a reason to pay attention to them. That could be changing.

I think of QR codes as worm holes in the marketing universe. Tiny portals to exclusive brand content. People want to experience your brand not just be exposed to it. And QR codes naturally tease people’s curiosity. So reward them for taking the time to scan your codes. WOW them!

[A quick thanks to the folks at Big Orange Slide for pointing me to this commercial. Check them out. They’re an awesome group up in Canada, eh.]
Vodpod videos no longer available.



2 thoughts on “Close encounter of the QR kind

  1. That’s a cool video, and I agree with you about QR codes, but at the end of the commercial…what does an alien have to do with insurance? And do you even remember whose commercial it is?

  2. Well, the alien represents unexpected accidents. Having the right insurance means you’re covered. Even if aliens crash into your house.

    Or it could mean this particular insurance company covers bad alien drivers. 🙂

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