I see a Brand App in your future

Without going into the gross anatomy of this mythical double-tailed mermaid (or Siren), the Starbucks logo gives me an idea for a possible Starbucks-branded app for iPhones, iPods and Android phones.

This full-body hottie looks like a maritime soothsayer to me. Ah-ha!

So here’s what I’m thinking. Everyday millions of people read their horoscopes or plunk down cash to have their fortune told. And millions more grab their coffee/latte/tea from Starbucks. So what if you got both in one trip?

How it would work
Ok, tweak the Starbucks logo to work as a branded QR code and print it on the Tall, Grande and Venti cups. Scan the code to launch/download the app. Based on info you choose to share about yourself and the drink you just ordered, a fortune-cookie like message is generated. Then you can share that on Twitter, Facebook and/or other social media networks/apps.

There are all kinds of bells and whistles that could be incorporated. But simple is the best first step.

PROS/CONS for you
It’s fun, easy and it’s yet another way to show your true devotion to Starbucks. However, it could get old quickly. Posting to Twitter and Facebook could get annoying for your friends. Think Farmville and Mafia Wars.

PROS/CONS Starbucks
Aren’t they obvious?

So what do you think? And if you’re from Starbucks, let’s talk. 🙂


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