I’m 37.

[image by Leo Reynold]

I turned 37 last weekend. Not a milestone or anything. But the number 37 is interesting. Let’s take a look.

At week 37, a baby is considered full term.
The most affordable model in the Ithaca Gun family is the Model 37® Defense Gun.
37Signals — the web company.
The Green Monster in Fenway Park is 37 feet, 2 inches tall.
There were 37 concerts in Michael Jackson’s “Victory Tour” in summer 1984.
The Hindenburg took 37 seconds to burn (in 1937).
The first touchdown pass in Super Bowl history was for 37 yards.
Jerry Seinfeld “oversqueezes” his gas by 37 cents in an American Express commercial.
In an episode of Simpsons, Marge correctly guesses 37 is Homer’s random number between 1 and 50. D’oh!
The 37th ASCII character is ‘%’.
The Freakonomics guys think we need a 37-cent coin.

So what’s my point? No point. Just that what seems to be ordinary is often interesting, if not extraordinary. Kind of like me. 🙂


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