Tin Cup Syndrome

You can be very successful in your career laying up. No one will blame you for laying up. It’s usually the smart thing to do. But you’ll always be 25 yards short of greatness.

However, if you go for it, fail, go for it again, fail, go for it again…. maybe you can become a legend. And that’s pretty effing cool.

The Tin Cup Syndrome is when your badass ego twists your brain just enough to make you think the impossible is possible. All great leaders, inventors, artists and athletes had/have Tin Cup Syndrome. It’s double-edge confidence that most people ignore their entire life. But for folks like Roy McAvoy, they only listen to their inner Tin Cup.

Stop laying up and go all in every time out!

Warning: failing hard and often are common side effects.


2 thoughts on “Tin Cup Syndrome

  1. Hi there! Apparently we’re both guest bloggers over on Burpee Home Gardens! Stopped by to see who I’m up against (it’s a competition, right?), and I love this post. I’ll definitely be back.

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