Be the wave

The more and more I think about and use social media, the more I try to find visual ways to describe the benefits of being in that space. The other day, a glorious vision appeared in my head that can sum up social media perfectly — The Wave.

Imagine being at a Monday Night football game. The energized excitement is raging for both sides and the whole world is watching. But let’s zoom in and look around. What do you see?

There are folks geared up in their team apparel. Others are painted head-to-toe in team colors. There are people with signs, foam fingers, cheeseheads, etc. Everyone is cheering and it’s hard to hear. Looks and sounds like social media, right? Every fan is just doing their own thing, hoping to get noticed. Cool for football, not cool for social media.

But in Section S, Row M, Seats 13, 14, 15 and 16, a group of guys say, “Let’s start the wave. Pass it on.” One person tells another and that person tells a few, then they tell a few more… Word spreads and in a matter of minutes, the whole stadium is “WHooooOOOOoooAAA”.

That’s how you social media.


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