Say it in six

The other day, I came across Six-Word Memoirs. It immediately made me think of Ernest Hemingway’s rumored classified ad:

For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.

Those six words inspired #SuperShortStory. Ah, good times. But whether it’s six words or 140 characters, you have to find a common nerve, a human truth or emotion, then use words that tell the story for you.

Back to Hemingway’s six words. Why is this person selling the shoes? Why is ‘Never worn’ more important than the size? Did something happen to the baby? Were the baby’s feet just too big? We don’t know and that’s why these six words hold our attention. And that’s what makes a great writer.

Ok, since retiring Super-Short Story last month, I’ve been itching for a writing challenge to keep me sharp. Enter, Six-Word Stories.

Just like Super-Short Story, I will use Twitter to promote my stories. So be sure to follow me and watch for #6wordstory in your stream.


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