Should I quit Twitter? Pt. 1

Opportunity cost lost

A couple of things I remember from economics in college — Sunk cost & opportunity cost. And I’m using these two concepts to help me evaluate if I should quit Twitter from a monetary perspective. Bare with me as I do some math.

The amount of money a company/person is willing to pay me for my knowledge/skills/experience is $32/hr. Now, I spend roughly 2 hours a day reading and writing tweets on Twitter. So that’s equals $64 per day or $448 per week or $1792 per month or $21,504 per year. WOW. And I’ve been on Twitter almost 3 years. So the opportunity cost is around $64,000. That’s means I sacrificed the opportunity to go out and make $64,000 by being on Twitter. Ouch!

While I haven’t lost any real money, I have sunk over 2016 hours into Twitter (a very conservative estimate) and that means I’ve lost something of value. So I have to ask myself, honestly, what is the payoff/reward for continuing on Twitter?

What do you think I should do?


2 thoughts on “Should I quit Twitter? Pt. 1

  1. Teach me how to start making $32/hr… lol, but all SM takes up too much time, time that could be spent doing other things, life things. Working for one, but also going out and being with people/ friends you love is another. As much as I love SM, it can be a habit that feels more like a chore sometimes. I don’t think you should quit Twitter, but two hours seems excessive… maybe cut it down to one? It’s just another form of entertainment, unless you’re using it to promote yourself. Then that’s a different story.

  2. If it’s taking away from ‘real’ work, or not providing a $32/hr ROI, then it might be time to cut back. I’ve had some symptoms of ‘facebook fatigue’ but have not grown ‘tired of twitter.’

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