John Lewis Department Store — Christmas 2011

I believe good, effective advertising hits on 5 key elements: grabs attention, builds trust, uses positive associations, hooks you with the unexpected, and calls to action. This spot does each extremely well.

The story starts with a young boy excited about Christmas but is impatient and simply can’t wait for the big day — a human truth. It grabs our attention because, look around, ’tis the season. As we watch this little boy try his best to make time move faster, we trust there will resolution to his suffering — lots of presents to open on Christmas morning. The positive associations are sprinkled throughout the spot — cute kid doing cute things, humor, puzzled parents, cute sibling, etc.

Just when you think you know how this story will end (the hook), with the kid getting everything he wanted because his parents went to John Lewis… surprise!

This commercial is great because the call-to-action is unspoken and deeper than “buy your gifts from John Lewis.” In a brilliantly subtle way, it’s asking you to rethink Christmas. Ok, it’s also asking you to give your money to John Lewis, too.

What are you thoughts?


One thought on “John Lewis Department Store — Christmas 2011

  1. Wonderful & thoughtprovoking indeed.

    I love that not a word is spoken in this commercial, except for the v.o. at the end.

    (Good example for someone as wordy as me.) Great acting too.

    Would like to know the budget for this movie.

    John Lewis. Would have to cross the Channel to go shopping there… Might just do that.

    Sunny greetingz from Luxembourg, where NaNoWrimo has completely taken over my waking life.

    Best to Escher & The Bagels!
    Tick Tock Titmouse

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