Personal Brand Icons

Rule # 1 or maybe it’s rule #3, I can’t remember, for social media is use a real picture of yourself in your profile/avatar. I did that. Now, I’m not doing that. So deal with it.

However, I wanted something that is in-sync with what I do and/or my personality. So I boiled it down to these two:

I like them both and I’ll probably use both. But I’d like to know which one you prefer. Let me know by leaving a comment or hit me up on Twitter.


2 thoughts on “Personal Brand Icons

  1. Hey Chad!

    Distinct preference for the Penguin (I wouldn’t want black archival ink spilled over any document you, the copy writer and I, the client, might be working on).

    The Penguin is nifty and quirky. I trust him to deliver something fun and good and strong.

    Best wishes from the ‘Bourg (back at the office for the first time today; I was off for three weeks with pneumonia…)


  2. I totally see your point, Cecile. Puck is the penguin’s name. I deemed him my copywriting mascot a few months ago, so it does make sense for me to use him as my mark.

    Sorry to hear about the pneumonia. Hope you’re back to feeling 100%. Work will do you good. 🙂

    Great to hear from you, Cecile.


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