Procrastination is killing you

I’m a writer. And I procrastinate. A lot. Why? I’m not sure. Perhaps I’m waiting for my muse to show up with donuts.

According to Stephen King and Steven Pressfield, your muse only shows up after YOU start doing. Whatever it is you do, want to do, need to do —DO IT! Bring the donuts, sit your butt down and do. For me, it’s writing. And I wrote this post. I had the idea for the post. Then wrote the frickin post. Procrastination wasn’t in the equation. Nor was the muse. She only stops by when I’m working on my novel or short stories. She knows I’m a big boy and can handle things like this. I agree.

But I haven’t conquered or even wounded procrastination. Yet. That’s why I’m interested in reading, You Are Not So Smart by David McRaney. Here’s a trailer:


2 thoughts on “Procrastination is killing you

  1. Is it wrong that this made me smirk and kind of laugh? I can relate completely! And, that book may reveal more truth than I would like to accept. Procrastination has always been my evil friend.

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