I’m 20 years late

Something happens to your thinking when you hit a certain age. You realize that what you’ve been avoiding is now what you want to do. For me, that’s writing short stories and novels.

I became a copywriter because I didn’t want to write news articles, essays or novels. You know, that long grinding sort of writing that takes awhile to complete. I wanted to start something, then see it finished fast. Right away. Instant gratification, whether it was good or bad (Ergo, my Twitter addiction). That just proved I’m a knucklehead.

In my advanced English class in high school (not sure how that happened), my teacher pulled me aside and told me with a straight face that I would be a great writer. I confessed I didn’t want to be a writer. She smiled and made a snarky, “Uh huh” comment. I never gave that moment any thought in 20 years.

What did I realize this morning? I’m 20 years late. So now I have to fight my way through this gap between what I should’ve been doing and what I was made to do.


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