The Hemingway Experiment

I came across this quote from Ernest Hemingway:

Write drunk; edit sober.

I don’t subscribe to this process but it makes sense, sort of. Enjoying your favorite drink does a few things. For one, it puts you in a good mood. But it also lets your mind discover interesting connections deep inside those forgotten places in your brain the sober you can’t access. Most importantly,  alcohol turns off your “give a shit” mode so you can simply write and not worry about grammar rules, formatting, typos, etc. You just spill the frickin story onto the page.  You can clean it up later.

Curiosity got the better of me over the weekend and I tried to write after some tequila. The experiment was unsuccessful. The problem? I started too late on Saturday night, so the tequila made me more sleepy than inspired. But I will try again and publish the raw, unedited story. I can’t wait.


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