Social Media Amputation

Social media has changed me and not for the better. On the surface it has been fun, exciting, even educational. But some where, some when, it corrupted me. It stole moments from my family. It distracted me from my work, from my writing and from me being me.

So I’m starting the process of unplugging. Or how I like to describe it, prepping for social media amputation. The first stage is to block access by deleting all social apps off my phone. This is my “second thoughts” or “cooling off” phase. I can still change my mind at this point.

Stage two: Rubicon. This is the actual deleting of my Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+, tumblr, Posterous, GetGlue, Untapped and Instagram accounts. No turning back, only starting over. Yikes!


4 thoughts on “Social Media Amputation

  1. If you find that “unplugging” does the trick (i.e. you aren’t taking time away from family, and are utilizing social media in an appropriate way) will you stop there, or are you for sure going “all the way”?

  2. What if you finish the Escher book and need a platform to yell from: “The book is DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE! Please REAAAAAD it, folks!”

    Then again, I totally understand. Facebook eats you up, and Twitter does the same, while reading a real book (paper, on sofa or out in the sun on a bench) is wonderful and feeds your brain (& your novelist’s writing & idea well).

    What’s wrong with leaving your Social Media in Sleepy Standby mode and simply not check them? Or, better still, what about sending a message to Mr Facebook Zuckerberg and ask for a Sleep Mode / Back in a sec/this time next year/sometime later thingy? I bet there’s lots of people out there considering a trial separation from social media.

    Good luck! (& keep me posted πŸ˜‰


  3. Hey Cecile… good thing I put in that cooling off period. Was just in a sour mood that day. But I have refocused my efforts. Please be sure to follow the development of The Tequila Journals. πŸ™‚

    Take care, best from Wisconsin

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