Wisconsin Recall Election

You have an opinion. Great. Most people do. However, too many people form their opinions based only on what they hear in the news/ads, from ill-informed friends and neighbors. But if that’s all you do, you’re a fool.

I don’t debate politics because I simply don’t know enough about the issues to have a meaningful conversation/discussion. But here’s my take. Lots of folks know very little beyond the buzzwords and tap-dancing rhetoric we’re lulled into excepting accepting. The mechanisms that make up modern politics are broken, held together with sticky red tape and pejorative venom.

The way I see it, the red and blue of American politics has gotten too black & white. Hate for the other side is vicious and counterproductive. We’re becoming more and more divided with each voting season. If you get upset/angry/disrespectful because someone doesn’t share your opinion, that’s not democracy. Defend your opinion with information not cheap shots. Passive-aggressive behavior, especially in social media, only fuels irrational thinking and emotionally heavy dissidence. Either learn more about what’s going on (not just in Wisconsin) or shut up. Thank you.

Right now, the nation is focused on Wisconsin. This recall election will be the ignition point for what should be a chaotic shift in American politics. America won’t be the same after today. Wear a helmet.


7 thoughts on “Wisconsin Recall Election

  1. I love this line: The way I see it, the red and blue of American politics has gotten too black & white

  2. Uninformed rage, yes. There’s a lot of that going round and not just in politics. #Wearahelmet

  3. I couldn’t have said this better myself. It’s disturbing how divided this nation has gotten over politics. This is exactly what George Washington warned about when he left office.

  4. I recall June 2011 in Madison, the rallies around the Capitol. I thought it was politics and democracy at its best, the atmosphere was friendly, the slogans were better than some of the writing going around in my writing class, and there was a hippie happy atmosphere.

    Today it rains (in Luxembourg), I miss Madison & writing by the lake, , and from what I gather from your writing, it’s all gotten grimmer, has it?

    You’re right about the need to be well informed and not to let hatred dictate your words and actions.

    Thank you for your post. You & Madison rock.


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