The Cephalic Storm (a short story by Chad Schomber)

[My submission for a contest]

The Cephalic Storm

by Chad Schomber

] [

     On 11.11.11, an entity known as Xus infected the minds of key leaders around the world with a neurodigital virus. I know this because I helped deliver the technology to Xus. And by now they are controlling you through the Internet.

     The Internet, our Holy library of information has a secret — Parallel Internets or PIs. Think of them as parallel universes. Data is collected, filtered, and reconstructed on these PIs. By controlling the information, Xus controls reality, history and ultimately, the future. And they used me to steal the technology for what they call Neuro Inception Cognitive Engineering. NICE for short. But there’s nothing nice about it.

     To fully understand what’s happening, let me tell you how I came to know of Xus. Pay close attention. This is not a game.

     My name is Tug and I’m a transporter. Governments, paranoid silicon startups and clandestine groups use me to transport secrets, prototypes, even bioengineering schematics to influential associates. I never cared about the contents of the black cases I delivered, until I met a guy in a grey suit and shiny purple tie.

     I was early for my train back to Alexandria and decided to use the restroom. When this guy punched a hole through the shitter stall, grabbed my neck and held a stopwatch in my face. “In 30 seconds, you will help me or die,” he said.

     Two philistine-sized goons slammed me to the cold subway tiled floor. Then a seductive woman with black hair, black clothes, black boots, and neon-green lips squatted over my supine body and whispered, “I bet you’re the kind of guy who might like this.”

     The two giants pinned me down while Neon Lips yanked my Johnson up and sliced into my nut sack with a ballistic knife. The pain exploded into fiery waves rushing throughout my twitching body. “Careful now, Liesel,” said Suit Guy as he handed her what looked like a metallic marble. She pushed the marble into my scrotum and a few seconds later, sealed it with a skin stapler.

     “Oh, that wasn’t so bad was it?” pouted Liesel. With a quick, wet kiss she strutted out of sight. I nearly passed out from the excruciating pain.

     Suit Guy motioned for his men to help me up as he stepped closer. “Tug, you are in for a world of discovery,” said Suit Guy. “You see, you are now carrying the future of tech viruses. That third testicle is scanning you — from the inside out. Tracking everything about you. What you’re doing. What you’re feeling. Even what you’re thinking.”

     That was 1992. Since then, Xus made the NICE technology small enough to be absorbed through the skin. Those infected are capable of subconsciously understanding encrypted code on PIs. The carriers then follow the instructions seeded in their cerebral matter. I believe Xus is close to launching a global attack.

     You are in danger. That’s all I can say for now. Use 11.11.11 to decipher all further communications.


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